Paula West

Kenya Vaughn of The St. Louis American Recommends An Evening with Paula West.

"If a night of jazz entertainment were still held up to the standards set by Ella, Billie and Sarah, San Francisco singer Paula West would be the only (yes, only) contemporary vocalist worth the price of admission. Her contralto is a thing of beauty."
- Time Out New York

"Paula West's new show is another classic."
- The Mercury News

Paula West

Bruce Barth, piano and Music Director
Ben Wheeler, bass
Montez Coleman, drums

To say that Paula West is a great jazz singer only begins to state her gifts. With a regular residency at Feinstein's in San Francisco, Paula always brings fresh looks to her material, standard or contemporary. That her velvet contralto is among the most beautiful in the business makes her compelling shows all the more pleasurable.

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