Rachel Bisch
Moving Too Fast
Saturday, December 17   8:00 PM
Moving Too Fast: The Nomadic, Nonsensical life of a Hopelessly Romantic Twenty-Something. An autobiographical retelling of the last 4 years of a decently atypical life, this evening will pull no punches in discussing friend-zoning, moving across the country, across the world, and managing to make it back home in one piece. Whether you're still stuck fighting through your twenties or looking to ...      MORE
Gary Cox
My Father's World
Thursday, January 12   8:00 PM
Gary Cox returns to the St. Louis stage with his new cabaret, the comic and compassionate My Father’s World. The song set is a loving tribute that explores the not always easy, but always affirming, bond between father and son. The show is a funny, affectionate and moving blend of traditional songs, Broadway standards - and folk gospel! ...      MORE
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